Now the best properties for rent in Dubai are just a click away. Choose from a long list of apartments and villas available for rent in prime locations of Dubai with City Home. We will find you affordable apartments for rent in Dubai that satisfies all your expectations. We have a highly motivated team of real estate agents with decades of experience in the property market of Dubai. With their engaging personality, communicating your exact requirements and getting the best service will be a cakewalk for you. After learning your requirements, they will compile a list of properties that qualify. From this list, you can select the most desirable apartments, villas, and townhouse for rent. Our renting services in Dubai are distinguished in the following ways,

Total flexibility

We will provide you with maximum flexibility at every stage of finding and renting your home. You can select from various factors like the location, type of property, facilities, budget, and much more. With our substantial knowledge of the Dubai real estate market, you can rent a home that ticks all the boxes.


Thanks to a booming economy and influx of skilled professionals from across the world, the demand for affordable home renting is on the rise in Dubai. City Home understands this market trend and finetunes the services to align with this market need perfectly.

Broad reach

Dubai is a city of expatriates. You can find people of every nationality and culture here. The professionals of City Home have warm relations with every community in Dubai, making us stand out from our competitors. These connections help us provide you with the best services.

Enhanced understanding of your needs

We have been delivering real estate services in Dubai since 2005. This level of experience in the Dubai market gives us a broad knowledge of customer needs. We recognize your needs in the first meeting itself and immediately start looking for the right home for you.

Boosted by accurate data

We have an unmatched repository of accurate real estate data that is constantly growing. We receive reliable information from different sources in the market. We rely on this information to provide you with the most satisfactory service. Thus, we are real estate agents in Dubai guided by the most accurate data.

Implementing sophisticated technology

We are always keen to learn and adapt to the changing market factors. To give you the best home renting experience, we keep transforming our services with the most advanced technology available globally. Likewise, we challenge ourselves and remain the most competent agency in Dubai’s real estate market.

Requirement focused approach

The best services in the world are built around customer needs. We acknowledge the wisdom of this statement and concentrate all our efforts on satisfying your needs. With this approach, we can get you the most suitable home for rent.

Resolved crises of all sizes and shapes

We are veteran real estate agents working in Dubai since 2005. City Home Real Estate practically grew with Dubai. We have the expertise to resolve any complex situation that you may across on the journey to find a proper place to rent.

Knowledge of locations

As veteran real estate agents in Dubai, we have a clear knowledge of different locations in the city. Our team constantly tracks the developments in these areas. Enabling us to identify and spot those features you are looking for in each area. Helping us deliver the best quality service to you.

Satisfaction guaranteed

All the elements of our services are fine-tuned to help you find a home for rent within the shortest span of time. Our guarantee is your satisfaction. Thousands of our clients who rented their favorite homes in Dubai with our help bear witness to it.

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